Kathanayagi on Tamildhool 2023 Written Update

The show begins with the enthusiastic dancing of the hosts along with the eight rivals of Kathanayagi and the drinking of the judges at Tamildhool
The remaining four rivals will be performing in the moment’s occasion and so the” Raja Rani Round” resumes.
Sapna acts as a youthful girl who returns from abroad and her kinsman tries to confess his love for her.
Sapna’s kinsman confesses his love for her to which she gets angry while revealing that she had a swain and he cheated on her.
The plot revolves around whether she accepts his love or not and how they both handle the situation.
Actor Deepak plays the kinsman part and they both perform by expressing their feelings veritably well.
Both the judges appreciate her performance and ask her to concentrate on the corridor where the script lags.
Sapna gets 3 stars fromK.S. Ravikumar and 3 from Radhika and leaves with an aggregate of scoring 6 stars out of 10.
Kavya acts as a youthful girl who gets to know the verity from her parents that she’s an espoused child and decides to break up with her swain Gautham by telling him the verity.
How she reveals the verity to her swain and how he reacts to the situation forms the rest of the plot.
Radhika appreciates them saying that they’ve performed veritably well and asks her to make some changes in her way of delivering the discourses.
Kavya gets 3 stars from each judge and scores an aggregate of 6 stars out of 10.
Sneha acts as a mischievous girl who wants to keep everyone happy and she tries to help his friend who tries to commit self-murder.
How she changes the mind of the friend and saves him with her funny station forms the rest of the story.
Radhika appreciates her saying that Sneha has chosen to play a character that’s veritably comfortable to her and Ravikumar surprises her with the golden shower and the golden crown.
Sneha scores 5 stars from Radhika and 4 stars from Ravikumar and leaves with an aggregate of 9 stars out of 10.
Janani acts as a youthful woman who gets angry with her hubby as he fails to keep the pledge of taking her to the movie on their marriage anniversary.
How she expresses her wrathfulness and how her hubby handles the situation by trying to move her forms the rest of the story.
Ravikumar asks her to work on her way of acting and Radhika says that she must stop fluttering her eyes a lot and concentrate more on the way she presents herself on the stage.
Janani gets 3 stars from each judge and scores an aggregate of 6 stars out of 10.
The occasion ends with many rivals dancing with actor Deepak to the song played by DJ Black and everyone including the judges enjoy their performances.
Kathanayagion Tamildhool 2023 Update Promo
Kathanayagi is one of the unique reality shows of Vijay TV and the new show is awaited by a wider range of followership because of the new format of the show on Tamil dhool
The rearmost promo of Kathanayagi( 6 August 2023) showcases Pavithra making her performance with Vinoth Babu who’s performing as a lead in one of the notorious Vijay TV diurnals “ Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum ”.
Pavithra performs as an innocent vill girl who’s in love with her kinsman and the way she tries to express her love for him impresses the followership because of a perfect mix of her innocence and humor sense.
The trending promo of the Kathanayagi show(06-08-2023) also shows Shalini making her performance with one of the manly actors of Vijay television with an intriguing script.
She acts as a woman who gets promoted in her job and wants to leave for Canada whereas her hubby refuses to come with her.
Ravikumar asks her to perform a certain portion of the squib without any dialogue and makes some corrections in her way of performing.
To download Kathanayagi all occurrences or watch moments online, go to Tamildhool.com.ru

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